Office, Retail & Commercial

Our integrated solutions are designed with efficiency in mind.

We can provide energy efficient lighting, integrated security systems, networking and communication systems and audio visual systems for offices, board rooms and retail environments. Each seamlessly blend into the surroundings without taking the focus off what is important to each business.

For example; in a retail environment -  energy efficient lighting control could be used to accentuate products on display whilst reducing the lighting levels of unoccupied store rooms automatically.

Discreet audio visual systems can play appropriate background music, sales announcements and relevant high definition video signage content to the customers.

Smart security systems including CCTV and intruder alarms can be monitored on/off site by authorised users or security teams and secure access control can also be installed for restricted access to ‘staff only’ areas.

Everything we install can be scheduled to begin automatically on a flexible time profile, by staff only or, if required, by authorised management only.


Our experience, professionalism and quality of workmanship have provided us with considerable involvement within some of the world's finest hotels.

We can provide solutions for many of the requirements within a hotel's catalogue of services. We can offer lighting and shading control, digital signage, environmental control, individual apartment entertainment and client services such as; IP TV and secure WiFi, communal systems for meeting/board rooms, screening rooms and theatres, bars and restaurants.

There is now a firm requirement for integrated technology within the hospitality industry with it being one of the most effective methods to excel in this multi-billion pound industry.