Intelligent Lighting & Environmental Controls

Intelligent lighting control is often the starting benchmark of our new build/refurbishment integrated systems.

Our energy efficient ‘green’ lighting systems can create an amazing sense of space and ambience in many different situations, whilst saving energy and money. We can assist with the design and specification of lighting so that the perfect mood can be achieved at the touch of a button.

We integrate our systems in a way that allows automated features such as; a particular fitting or scene to be activated on entering a room, or the lights to be gently dimmed down on exiting a room. With the development of ultra‐low energy fittings such as LEDs, many providers would struggle to control such fittings comfortably but Epic Integration has the experience to provide a system capable of controlling any light fitting suitably.

An energy efficient lighting control system can also enhance a property’s security profile by enabling automated lighting and blinds at similar, yet randomised, time schedules which would actively simulate occupancy when the property is unoccupied.

We can design and install window treatments such as automated blinds, shades and curtains and can provide a range of fabrics and motors via a key selection of manufacturers and suppliers. 

Integrated Home Automation & Control Systems

All of our systems are as energy efficient as they can be and we design each system with this in mind.

It is estimated that 20% of the world’s energy use is from lighting – in line with that we frequently receive requests from clients to help them reduce energy consumption through lighting by 10% ‐ 20%, which can be easily achieved with our control systems.

We can also limit and reduce power consumption of most other systems and devices by automating the usage and turning off unnecessary equipment when not in use. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference active monitoring and control can make to overall power consumption.

Our systems combine and simplify the controls of many different products and provide the user with an intuitive interface.

We can integrate almost anything that can be integratedelectronic windows, garage doors, curtains & blinds, pumps and water features, jacuzzi’s and swimming pools, lighting, heating and cooling, doorbells and intercoms, audio visual, security & CCTV, gas fires, hydraulic mechanisms, gym equipment and many other systems and devices.